The Club Today

Dry Pants Model Yacht Club is in the midst of a hot bed of CR914 sailing - with about 70 - 80 boats in a 7 mile area. Within this area, we have a sister club, The Knee Deep Model Yacht Club in Old Saybrook, CT. It is affiliated with the North Cove Yacht Club. In addition to our formal affiliations, there are numerous owners that surface periodically.

In a 2013 audit of the CR914 community nationally, we know there are 20 active clubs of varying sizes. DPMYC is one of the top three clubs in the country with the highest percentage (80%) of active racers competing in club sponsored events. This is an excellent sign of club health.

Most importantly, we encourage by-standers to sail our boats and like to encourage new owners to improve their competitive sailing skills and understanding of racing rules. Helping everyone to become better is a club priority. Come join us!